My name is Kara Vogt. In my life, I have been a professional photographer, computer tech, mother, but have always been human. I am in introvert and have always had a difficult time expressing myself, except through art and writing.

My art styles vary, although my art does yield a distinctive taste. I work with a variety of mediums, styles and types. One of my favorite ways to work is through freehand illustration before converting to digital and applying artistic creativity on a virtual level. Some of my work is 100% digital whether freehand illustration or by freehand shape. Some of my tools include Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp and a plain ole no 2 pencil and paper.

I also design and develop websites and now work mainly in WordPress design as it is the most popular and most sought web medium nowadays, but I began with HTML and brochure style sites not long after the birth of the Internet in 1995. I began designing them professionally in 1999.

From there, I moved into photography where I worked in a studio for several years before venturing out on my own, though I found my real home in digital and freehand arts. Therefore, many of my creations combine the technologies and old fashioned pencil and paper. Some of my work began as a photo which was then converted to an illustration and then recolored by paint, pencil or effect.

Until now, 2017, I created only for myself, but have now decided to venture out and open a shop. I have been commissioned to create unique works for individuals, and still offer that today.

Along with design work, comes technical savvy. One must know how to utilize technology accordingly. Thus, I also edit photos and videos and recently ventured out into the world of analog to digital conversion following my father’s passing in October 2017. It is a comfort knowing our memories of him will be forever archived in digital format, where we will not have to worry about tapes degrading or getting lost as we can make as many copied for safekeeping as needed.

I cannot say I focus on one thing. By nature, I jump around from style to style and medium to medium. This is why my capabilities and experience is vast. But that is the beauty of art – there is no wrong or right, only personal and expressive. Art is subjective and what I like and do, others may not fancy, but that’s the fantastic nature of creation, and it allows me to put my thoughts into visions others can see, though may not understand. But that enables you to make it your very own and decide what it means to you.